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Here you will find postings on All Things Teen at the Media-Upper Providence Free Library. I'll tell you about teen programs offered at the Library, New books, new collections, new ideas to get/keep teens interested in the WONDERFUL WORLD OF LIBRARIES.*smirk* Like it, hate it, have something to say??? Voice Yourself at the bottom of the page in the Comment section.


Winner of the Teen Beat Pizza Party Raffle

Abby Dunn of Springton Lake won 2 tickets to see the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Mann Center on July 7th. Congratulations!

Don't Forget Monday Movie Matinees

We had our second MMM today at 1pm - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure...Dude!

Our next showing will be on July 11th (because we're closed on the 4th of July) and will be Ocean's Twelve! It is PG-13, so make sure you are allowed to watch it if you come.

Swords & Shields Tomorrow, June 28th

This fencing demonstration is set up to be held at Barrall Park beginning at Noon. If it is raining too much, we may have to move it to the Library.

Everyone is welcome!

We learned many interesting facts about alligators and how to tell them apart from crocodiles.

Here Bria holds a (stunted) 5 year old Alligator.

This is the Harris Hawk, "Apache".

Here Bria shows off a Harris Hawk, not found in this area.

Mocha was very cute (and descented).

Bria from Elmwood Park Zoo informs the audience about Mocha the skunk.


Don't Miss Elmwood Park Zoo tomorrow at the Library

Come in at 1pm to see some cool reptiles or birds from the zoo. It's sure to be an interesting time for all. All ages are welcome for this Teen Summer Program event.

The Pizza Party was a hit!

Yesterday we had the Pizza/Registration Party for Teen Beat 2005. We had a great turn out of about 15 guys and gals going into 6th-12th grade. It was a social gathering where everyone got to hang out, eat Pinocchio's pizza and cookies, and get a preview of some of the great prizes they could would during the summer just for submitting reviews.

If you are interested in joining Teen Beat, please come on in! You can never be too late because prizes will be picked weekly until mid-August. If you review a book, it must be of YA level or higher. For all of you who may not be huge or quick readers, you can also review movies, teen magazines, good websites, and music or audio cd's. This is a self-motivated program. The more reviews you submit, the more chances of winning!

Thanks to everyone who came for the pizza party was a good time.


Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I saw the movie on Thursday, and I was pretty happy about it. I thought it was 100 times better than Episodes 1 or 2. It left me completely satisfied with it leading to the answers to the original Star Wars series. Oh, Anakin...if only you could have just sent Padme (sp?) to the Pet Cemetery. hehe. Do you get that? Oh well, the dark side is powerful.

Have a good weekend.


Book Reviews

Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation by Steven Levenkron
(review by an anonymous library patron)

"The author's writing is narcissistically self-agrandizing, and his approach to the topic is overly anecdotal, but there are a few useful tidbits on etiology and treatment that can normalize the behavior and help parents and sufferers."

- Thank you for your well-thought out opinion. Brandi

Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis

I've not heard of rainbow parties before, but I have heard of the controversial colored, jelly bracelets, etc. So a rainbow party is an oral sex party where each girl dons a different color lipstick...thus creating a "rainbow" on the guy once each girl has had a turn. Okay, so I think that oral sex is a subject that should have a place in ya fiction because teens are curious and often experimental; however, this book didn't make the grade for me. It mostly takes place during the day the party is supposed to take place. You read about the dynamic between 13 high-school students and their feeling as individuals and couples regarding this type of party. Is it cheating? Will it get one girl the guy she's wanted? Who's going? Why?
It also touches on STD's and the fact that sex can lead to them, and that they can become widespread.

Unfortunately, I do not feel that this book was good enough for our collection, so you will have to get it elsewhere if you want to read it. The bad news about that is, I don't see it available at any Delaware County library, and even Barnes & Noble has chosen not to carry it.


On the Magnetic Poetry Board today

celebrate summer
stone ricochet
drink & throw mud!
never slather lotion
play night
taste soil
drip red popsicle
make music in puddles
love America

TV Film version of Laurie Halse Anderson's "Speak"

Being released on September 5, 2005, Labor Day, is the television debut of Speak on Lifetime and Showtime. No release date yet, but there will be a dvd release to follow. I can't wait to see this. I know that so many of you have loved this book and will not want to miss seeing this either.


What's on the Magnetic Board Today?*

off color peach popsicle
I giggle & stagger across America
a dizzy machine in a wicked paradise
lounging in the brilliant summer sky
stoned over time through immense rain
I love weed

make black sun sizzle from prison puddle

*(note that writings are anonymous and nothing written is endorsed by the Library or its staff)

Audio Book Review

Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner, read by Dominic Taylor.

From the case: When fourteen-year-old Elliot Sutton arrives at Holminster High, he is determined not to stand out. He simply can't let himself become a target like he was at his last school. He's going to invent a whole new Elliot. The new Elliot is tough, impenetrable.
Enter the Guardians. A group of upperclassmen that secretly rule over Holminster with a quiet and anonymous terror. Obsessed with George Orwell's book 1984, they desire power for the sake of power. And strangely enough, they want Elliot. Not to terrorize...but to become one of them. Everyone knows that if the Guardians notice you in the wrong way, life will be miserable. But as Elliot soon discovers, even if they notice you in the right way, there will be some terrifying choices to face.

Thoughts: I really like listening to books. It gives me a chance to read when I don't really have any free time. Almost more important than the book, in that case, is the reader. This reader is London-based, so it took me a bit to accept the accent. Once I got into it, I like it. The book is pretty predictable. But there aren't a lot of books on bullying for teens. Once you listen to them refer to 1984 so often, you will want to read that too.


What did you do for Memorial Day?

Most likely you were celebrating with a b-b-q or you went down to the shore and relished the warm weather. I had a brunch with some friends and spent the day outside in the yard. It was really nice having an extra day off.

Don't forget to begin signing up for the Teen Summer Programs. First is the Pizza/Registration party on June 21. And make sure you sign up for the Elmwood Park Zoo visit on June 23rd at 1pm!

New Magazine

Attention Gamers! GamePro has arrived. We have the four most current issues.

Book Review

The Driving Book: Everything new drivers need to know but don't know how to ask by Karen Gravelle

I saw this cover and thought it looked really appealing, so I read it even though I've been driving for more years than some of you have been alive. How Depressing! Anyway, it is full of all-purpose driving tips such as like make sure you check your oil and tire pressure, etc. It is also full of other tips that you may not think of until you are driving. For example, if you are unfamiliar with driving on toll roads, you may not be aware that some exits have many many miles between them and not gas stop. And you may not realize that those rural roads don't always have street lights and may seem like something from a horror movie if you're driving at night. Plus it has a lot of nifty little illustrations to make it a non-boring, essential read.

I definitely would have picked it up if I were about to be driving or a new driver.

Whether or not you read safe on the road!


YA Summer Programs

June 21st - Registration begins for Teen Beat with a Pizza Party. (Pizza 1-3pm but registration is ongoing) Sponsored by Pinocchio's Pizza of Media. Plus you will be entered to win Tickets to the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Mann Music Center on July 7th.

MMM- Monday Movie Matinees at the Library. Mondays beginning on June 20th at 1pm. Feel free to bring snacks. Ratings PG and PG-13.

June 23rd - Elmwood Park Zoo visits with Predator vs. Prey series ( Animals may include: Bearded Dragon, Blue Tongue Skink, Great Horned Owl) Registration is required. 45 minute program. All ages welcome.

June 28th - Swords and Shields Fencing and Armour Demonstration by the SCA. 12 noon - 3pm at Barrall Park. Registration is required. All ages welcome. Experience the Middle Ages: Non-scripted Fencing, Q&A, Real Medieval Armour, Refreshments. Call Brandi at 610-566-1918 for information.

June 30th - Napoleon Dynamite Night. 6:30pm. Movie showing. We will also be raffling off two baskets of SWEET Napoleon goodies! Registration is required. Entering grade 6 through adult.

July 6th - Cool Bubbleology. 11am. Learn about bubbles and make your own creations, including bubble art.

July 7th - Knitting for Beginners. 6-8pm. Learn to knit with Sue Walker, instructor for Michael's Craft Store. All materials will be provided. Registration is required. Class limited to 8. Ages 12+.
July 12th - Todd Marrone, Artist, will be doing a live mural demonstration. Visit Todd's website. Registration Required. Win an original piece of art.


Book Reviews

Vote for Larry by Janet Tashjian

Let me preface this by saying you really have to read the first book The Gospel According to Larry before this sequel to fully enjoy it. Having read the first and the second, I didn't think that Vote stood very well on its own because there is too much background info needed.

Okay, so once you've read The Gospel, by all means read this book. If you are interested in the onslaught of political satire and the like, if you like Michael Moore or the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, you will probably like this.

Josh (aka Larry) is back from the pseudo-dead and ready to spill the proverbial guts of the two party system's corrupt nature along with their corporate sponsors. 18-year-old Larry beats the odds and runs for president of the USA under the Peace Party. He and his supporters gain the votership of the young adults of society, pushing the political envelope.

Dream Watcher by Barbara Wersba

Originally published in 1968, this book is considered a "contemporary classic" along the lines of Catcher in the Rye. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book about a freshman in high school who believes that his life is worth nothing and often thinks of commiting suicide. He befriends an elderly woman who makes him feel good about himself and the dreams that he holds.


New EMO CDs added today

Emo is Awesome/Emo is Evil 2
A Near Fatal Fall
The Warped Tour 2004 Compilation

and the Butthole Surfers, who are from the 90's, and you should check 'em out.

Lemony Snicket Movie to Show at the Library

Register and come to see the movie based on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events next Thursday night for free. That's Thursday, May 26 at 6pm. You can bring a snack and a pillow if you want. Call or email to register 610-566-1918/ .

Also, beginning Monday June 20th, there will be regular movies shown at 1pm on Mondays in the summer. Titles will be posted. There will be a mix of new and old but all will be free.


Two Poems created by two 7-graders share a title but are very different in content.

"Summer" by Tres Moore
The day breaths, flocks fire from the stone
grounds, the night noise supply a sweet
sound, together towns sleep in the innocence
of swift fields, by day the trees steal the
meditation of peace, summer, summer,
summer, let live, let find, summer, let summer
care, let summer free from mixed rage, let
live, let live, summer.

"Summer" by Christine Sowa
Study not, care not
Sleep in
With the sweet air
And the shade of the trees.
with not a care
Live free and find peace
Day and night.
Summer -


Are you Paraskevidekatriaphobic

That is the unreasonable fear of Friday the 13th.

Though no one can say for sure when and why human beings first associated the number 13 with misfortune, the belief is assumed to be quite old and there exist any number of theories purporting to trace its origins to antiquity and beyond. Read more here.

I, regardless of how many "bad" Friday the 13th's I've had, had a wonderful day today. Hope your 13th was lucky!


New CD added

My Chemical Romance's I brought you my bullets, you gave me your love was added to the YA collection because it was requested via the YA notebook. Ask and your wish may be granted too!
I can check out, Spin magazine, etc. (I don't listen to the radio much unless it's WXPN), but I won't ever really get a collection that you all want unless you tell me who you want to listen to. So get on the suggestion wagon and let's pump up the volume!

It looks as though EMO is in, so give me some names...Should I go by a website's review or what. I like Phish and Gov't Mule. Stuff like that...what's your pleasure?


Girls Life Magazine

We have subscribed to GL, and our first issue has arrived. The cover article is on the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants movie. Check it out. June 3!!!!!

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